Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Roger had surgery last month. He's not allowed to lift anything heavier than 30 pounds for 30 days. To keep the kids from asking to be picked up, I explained that it was their job to tattle on their daddy if they caught him lifting anything heavy. It's working, but I just realized this morning that Schatz is setting him up...

Roger was helping Schatz brush her teeth. She was standing on the toilet so she could reach the sink. After they were finished:

Schatz (sweetly with arms out): I love you, Daddy. You're the best.

Roger pulls her up in a hug.

Roger: Aww...that's really sweet, Katie.

Schatz (while hugging Daddy, legs wrapped around his waist, she makes eye-contact with me): Bu-u-usted, Daddy.

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