Sunday, August 12, 2012

Memory is the first thing to go...

I was slicing some stew meat for the crock pot when:

Roger:  Next time we buy this meat, we should marinate it in that Bulgogi sauce and slow cook it in the crock pot.

Me (perhaps too enthusiastically): That is SUCH a great idea.  We should TOTALLY do that!

Roger (mischievously): You think that's a good idea, huh?

Me: Yes.  That sounds so good. (then, because Roger doesn't really cook, I asked) What made you think of that?

Roger:  You suggested it two weeks ago in the Commissary.

Me: I did?  Crap!  I'm starting to forget everything.

Roger (while dodging a playful punch in the arm and dancing out of the kitchen):  Yep, I'm going to start keeping a list of your best ideas so that I can mention them to you later and get full credit.

I Love you, Stinky Face

I'm organizing for a move and found Schatz's favorite book on her nightstand...under a huge pile of her treasures.  I'm going to tuck it into her backpack with her black Teddy, but I'm also posting it in my blog so that years from now I'll remember...that at age 4...her all time favorite book was "I Love You, Stinky Face".

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Peek At The Fears of a Four Year Old

We're in the middle of an overseas move.  Roger left this morning to drive the car and the dog to Los Angeles to be shipped overseas.  (The dog has to be quarantined for 30 days and then we'll pick her up at the other end.)  I won't be medically cleared to drive again until next week...and both kids know that Mommy's not allowed to drive right now. We've been easing the kids into this road trip for a few days, but yesterday Schatz really started to put it all together. 

Schatz:  Dad's going to California?

Me: Yeah, Daddy will be home again in two days.

Schatz: But.  What if we run out of FOOD?

Me (pointing to the full pantry):  We just went shopping. We have enough food to last until Dad gets home.

Schatz:  But what if we eat it ALL?  Then we'll starve to DEATH before Daddy gets home!!

Me (exchanging a glance with Wendy, sitting across the table):  Miss Wendy will drive us to the store if we eat all of our food in two days and need more before Daddy gets home.

Schatz looks suspiciously at us both before returning to playing with Mea.