Monday, September 16, 2013

No Blood, Nothing Broken....Off To School

Schatz woke up a little early this morning and was playing with the dog while I was going about my morning "pre-kid" routine.  They were playing a little rough and Schatz got hurt.  She walked down the hall to find me and to tattle on the dog.

Schatz:  Mom.  I think Lucy (pause) might have (pause) broke my back.

Me: What happened?

Schatz: We were (pause) playing and she (pause) hurt me.

Me (lifting her shirt and looking at her back, but seeing no scratches or marks):  It must hurt pretty bad.

Schatz:  I think (pause) it's broken.  We'd better go to the (pause) hospital.

Me:  I'll bet it hurts, but there is no blood.  I think you'll be okay.  Dust yourself off.

Schatz:  You are seriously going to make me go to school?

Me: Yep.  I think you'll be okay.

Schatz (stomping away in disbelief):  I cannot believe you are making me go to school with a broken back.

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