Monday, June 15, 2015

It's Lonely Under This Bus

From a venting session with M.  Her dad told her to stop doing gymnastics because she hurt herself yesterday. Today she got caught doing back bends and walk overs in the backyard and she got in trouble.

M: I didn't think he was serious!

Me: I didn't really think he was serious either, but then I didn't think you were really hurt yesterday.

M: I wasn't faking! I really was hurt. Besides, Abby [from Dance Moms] says you have to work through an injury.

Me: I don't think your Dad is very interested in Abby's opinion. He wants you to give it a rest and let your knee get better. 

M: Well, you can't feel three of your toes* and you still ran a marathon** yesterday.

Me: Why are you throwing me under the bus!?! Besides, runners rarely listen to sound medical advice. Kids have to listen to their dads if they want to stay out of trouble.

* I can totally feel my toes. Now. It was probably just a pinched nerve.

** It was not a marathon.

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