Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kennel the Kids

Sometimes you've got errands to run, but your kids don't want to co-operate. That happens a lot at my house. One morning I was trying to get to the grocery store. I told Schatz to go get her shoes. She disappeared to the back of the house while I gathered my list, my wallet, my diaper bag. When I went looking for Schatz, I found her in the dog's kennel.

Me: Schatz, let's go to the store. We need to go buy some snacks.

Schatz: No, Mommy, no go grocery store.

Me: You have to go to the grocery store. You are too little to stay home by yourself.

Schatz: I not alone. I stay with Lucy.

Me: Come out of the kennel, please. I've got to put Lucy in the kennel so we can go bye-bye.

Schatz: You not hear me. (Putting her hand to her ear) Listen, mommy. I stay in kennel with Lucy. I no grocery store.

It seemed like a reasonable solution to the two year old...not so much to the MP's, I'm sure.

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