Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Girl of a Certain Age

After you turn thirty, it is understood that you can shave a few years off. If someone is rude enough to ask your age, they understand that the answer you give them is merely a ball park figure. On the other hand, when you are young you measure your age in fractions. I am six and a HALF. He is eight and three quarters. Zack is older than me. He is seven and eleven twelfths, but I am only seven and three quarters.

The other day, my oldest asked me why I told the man at the ticket counter that she was seven.

Mommy: Because you are seven.

Maura: Next time could you tell them I am eight?

Mommy: But you won't be eight until September.

Maura (in a very patient tone of voice): I know, Mom, but being seven is so EMBARRASSING.

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