Wednesday, June 9, 2010

International Relations

Roger had a friend visiting from Austria. His name is Lukas. Lucy was being a little skittish with Lukas today. So Roger got out a tennis ball so that Lukas could make friends with our dog. Lukas tossed the ball very lightly. Schatz was apparently supervising the playtime.

Schatz (raising her voice): No, not like that! Like this!

She proceeded to grab the ball and gave Lukas a block of instruction by chucking the ball at him as hard as she could. Lukas throws the ball a little harder the second time. It bounces off the closet and rolls under the bed.

Schatz (hands on hips) yells: NO! No throw ball under bed. Lucy can't get!

Schatz wouldn't let Lukas play with her dog anymore. Lukas was pretty cool about it. After all, Austria is a neutral country.

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