Thursday, November 3, 2011

Down Payment

We have a candy jar on the kitchen counter. When the kids are being naughty, sassy, rude, or break a house rule they have to put a piece of their Halloween candy in the jar. They don't get yelled at. They don't get grounded. They just have to pay up. It's working (sort of). Now I just shoot one of the kids a hard look and she cleans up her act...well, most of the time. This morning while packing her lunchbox...

Me: Toss a few pieces of candy in, too.

Maura (pauses): In my lunchbox or in the jar?

Me: Your lunch box.

Maura tosses some candy in her lunchbox then puts a few more pieces in the jar.

Me: Why did you do that? You didn't do anything wrong.

Maura (without even a hint of sarcasm): You can't watch me all the time. That's for what you don't catch me doing today.

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