Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Having a word with Santa...

Roger, Schatz, and I were having lunch at the food court yesterday. Santa was visiting for a photo opportunity. It wasn't very busy so we had full access to the Big Guy.

Schatz: Is that the real Santa?

Me: You will have to ask him.

Schatz (to Santa): Are you the real Santa?

Santa: Yes.

They chat for a few minutes and we go back to our lunch.

Schatz: Mom, will you go talk to Santa?

Me: Why?

Schatz: Well, I need you to tell Santa that I am on the Nice list.

Me: He knows you're on the nice list.

Schatz: No, Mommy, I was being naughty last week, but this week I've been nice. You have to tell him to put me back on the nice list?

Me: I think you should tell him.

Schatz: He's not going to believe me. You better tell him.

Usually I would just chuckle, but Santa is no laughing matter so I put in a good word for her.

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