Friday, December 30, 2011

Isn't Blood Supposed to be Thicker than Water?

My cousin Will is getting married next month. Both girls are very, VERY excited so the lucky couple are a hot topic around our house these days. This is one of the more amusing conversations that unfolded:

Maura: Do you think Will likes Anita?

Me: Yes, I think Will likes Anita.

Maura: But do you think he likes LIKES Anita?

Me: Yes, I do.

Maura is still in deep thought.

Me (throwing Will under the bus): You can ask him when we visit.

Maura (rolls her eyes): Yeah, right. Like he'd tell ME if he didn't really like like her. He KNOWS I would go STRAIGHT to Anita and tell her.

Roger: What if Anita told you she wasn't sure if she like LIKED Will? Would you go straight to Will and tell him?

Maura (answering a little too quickly): No.

Roger: That's not fair!

Maura (shrugging her shoulders): Anita's my girl.

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