Friday, March 22, 2013

If Today is Fun Friday, What Should We Call Thursday?

Schatz has swim lessons on Fridays.  Last Friday the leisure pool was closed for cleaning.  Schatz overheard her swim teacher telling me that the last six Thursdays in a row the leisure pool had been closed for cleaning and she'd moved her lessons to the deeper 25 meter pool which is tough because the littler kids can't touch the bottom. Today we were pulling up to the pool for her lesson...

Me:  Schatz, the leisure pool is closed again.

Schatz:  Will I still have my lesson?

Me: Yes, but it will probably be in one of the other pools.

Schatz (a little put out):  Why is the pool closed?

Me:  They are cleaning it out...probably somebody had an accident.

Schatz (stomping her foot):  Why did they have an accident today?  They are supposed to do that on Poop in the Pool Thursday NOT Fun Friday!

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