Thursday, April 18, 2013

Car Pool

We do carpool these days.  The girls ride to school with Katie (Kinsey) and her son rides home with me.  Earlier this week...

Maura (calling down the hallway):  Miss Katie's here!

Schatz (jumping up and down as the Kinseys' Jeep pulls up): Miss Katie's here!  Miss Katie's here!

Schatz grabs her backpack and follows her sister outside to the driveway.   I was doing something in the back of the house so I was coming into the front room when Schatz came back into the house moping and head sadly drooping.

Schatz (throwing her backpack down on the couch):  It's not Katie yet.  It's just Mr. Kinsey.

Me:  Well, grab your backpack. Mr. Kinsey must be driving you to school today.

Schatz (perks up at the possibilities): Really?

Me:  Yep.  Let's go.

Schatz grabbed her backpack and was OUT THE DOOR.

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