Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bedtime Battles

The usual battle at bedtime had gone about twenty minutes longer than usual.  Schatz was calling for us, asking her dad to check on her, asking for another drink of water, asking for another story...the usual stuff.

Me:  No, I will not get you another drink.  It is time to sleep.

Schatz (innocently and with a slightly Australian accent): Pardon?

Me:  Good night.

Schatz (losing her temper and hitting the blankets):  You are doing it wrong. I am speaking Australian!  You are not being Australian!

***I think she was hoping I would come back to the bed, sit down, and explain the concept of bedtime (talk to her some more so she didn't have to go to sleep.)***

Me:  I am not Australian.  I am American and I am saying good night, Schatz.

Schatz:  You are such a (pausing to think of the right word) AMERICAN!


  1. Oh the bedtime battles are such fun. Part of our bedtime ritual is Question Time, where the girls ask several questions. Some of the recurring questions are, "what if we didn't have a ceiling?" "what if we didn't have beds?"

    1. That is too funny! Our question time can get out of hand, too!