Monday, June 30, 2014

Swearing Like A (19th Century...Scottish?) Sailor

Roger and I were playing around at the pool when Schatz came up...

Me: Dad's being mean to me.  He said the S*word!

Schatz (gasps): He did?

Me:  Oh, yes!  And he said the H word!

Roger: I did not!

Schatz (scandalized, but inquisitive): Which one is the H word?

Me (whispering in her ear): Homework.

Schatz:  I hope he doesn't say the B word next.

Me (pausing):  which one is the B word?

Schatz (whispering in my ear): Bloody Hell.**

* the S word at our house is "Shut up" or "stupid".  The girls get in trouble for saying either.

** Um...she didn't learn that from us. We do need to watch our mouths around the kiddos, but Neither of us say "bloody hell', where ever she picked it up it was still pretty funny.

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