Thursday, May 15, 2014

Would That Many Candles Even Fit On the Cake?

Dad:  Can anyone guess what's happening next week?

Schatz:  It's your BIRTHDAY!

Dad:  That's right!  You are getting a treat!

Maura:  Hey! What about me?

Dad:  You are going to get a treat, too....If you can guess what day my birthday is!

Maura (pausing to think):  May 20th

Dad:  That's RIGHT!

Schatz:  Oh!  That was EASY!

Maura:  No!

Dad:  But can you tell me what YEAR I was born?
[LONG silence]

Maura (tentatively): um...1877?

Dad (talking over Mom):  Close.  1977.

Mom (talking over Dad):  Yes! 1877!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful, Mum! I hope they remember that conversation in later life.