Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knocked Up and Other Nifty Phrases

When Maura was five I would walk her to the bus stop every morning. This morning we were having a rough start. Daddy was back in America going to BNCOC and had called a little latter than usual. So we were running late. Kaitlyn had a NASTY diaper right as we were walking out the door so we had to take care of that. Then Maura's nose started to bleed so we were flustered and I thought we were going to miss the bus and we rushed out the door. About halfway to the bus stop I noticed that Maura's coat was unzipped and it was COLD. Here's how the conversation progressed.

Me: Zip your coat, Maura.

Maura: I don't want to.

Me: It's too cold, Maura, zip up your coat please.

Maura gives me a sullen look.

Me: Do you want me to help you, Maura?

Maura: Yes

I get down on my knees to zip up her coat becuase I've got Kaitlyn (who is an infant) in a snuggli.

Maura: Mommy?

Me: Yes, honey.

Maura: I'm am really knocked-up.

Me: Do you know what that means?

Maura: No, but it's something REALLY BAD.

Me: It means pregnant.

Maura: Oh.

Me: Do you mean pissed off? Are you mad? (A phrase she'd heard the day before while playing with some older kids in the building.)

Maura: Yes, Mommy. I am started it get really pissed up.

So I explained to Maura that it was okay for her to be mad, but it wasn't really appropriate for a five year old to say things like pissed off and knocked up.

Maura: Okay. I won't say pissed off anymore...or until I am ten.

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