Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly Mommy

I was explaining to Schatz that we were going to move to Colorado. I explained that the whole family was going to ride on an airplane...

Schatz: We're going to ride on airpane today?

Me: Not today, Schatz. We won't ride on the airplane until after the movers come.

Schatz: The movers are coming?

Me: Yes, Schatz, the movers are going to come and put all your toys in boxes. They are going to put all of Maura's toys and clothes and stuff in boxes. They'll put the boxes on a big ship and take them to America so you can play with your toys in America.

Schatz starts to giggle and laugh like she's just realized I was pulling her leg.

Schatz: You are so silly, Mommy.

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