Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indoor Plumbing...Our Latest Amenity

The plumbers came last Friday to fix a busted pipe. They turned off the water to the house and the kids got the job of turning on all the faucets until the pipes were empty. The water was only off for about an hour, but I guess the kids weren't paying attention when the water came back on. Saturday morning Carter (age 7) woke up with a touch of the stomach flu. I let him call his mom for some comfort.

Carter's Mom: Carter, be sure to drink a lot of liquids like apple juice. Popsicles are good, too.

Carter: Aunt Jamie doesn't have any apple juice or Popsicles.

Carter's Mom: Well, then be sure to drink water.

Carter (pauses and lowers his voice): Mom, they don't have any water either.

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