Friday, February 1, 2013


Friday afternoon school pickup; interrupting a pleasant "How was your day" type conversation...

Schatz (frantically):  Where's my backpack?  I LOST it!

Me:  I put it in the trunk with Maura's backpack.

Schatz (starting to melt down): Don't PUT it there!  ARGH!  I don't LIKE it in the trunk!

Me:  If you do not want your backpack in the trunk, can you think of a better way to tell me? Preferably a way that you are NOT yelling at me?

Schatz (tapping on the top of the trunk): --- .--. . -.  - .... .  - .-. ..- -. -.-

Me (mimicking her tapping):  What is this?  .--. .- - .. . -. -.-. .

Schatz:  That's secret code for open the trunk.

Me:  Do you mean Morse code?

Schatz: Yes, Mom.  That's Morse code for "Please open the trunk, Please."

Me (opening the trunk):  Fair Enough

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