Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeper of Secrets...Not So Much

Schatz doesn't have school on Wednesdays for the whole first term. The Transition (Kindergarten) teacher visits each child at home once during the first term for some one on one time.  She plays with them, gets to know them, and will use her observations to tailor her lesson plans. This is a cool concept. The school was very specific...this is a play date.  It is not a parent teacher conference.  Don't bake any snacks.  Don't feel like you have to clean your house.  (yeah, right!)

Yesterday, Ms. S sent home a note letting us know she'd be stopping by for Schatz's play date this morning at 9:15.  So last night, after dinner, we did some extra tidying up.  I vacuumed and made sure the kids' bathroom was clean.  However, I ran out of time before I could clean the bathtub.  So after Schatz's bath I asked her to close the shower curtain to hide the messy bathtub.

This is the conversation I overheard from the kitchen this morning...

Schatz:  Can I show you my beautiful curtain?

Ms. S:  Sure.

Schatz:  Isn't this beautiful?  It has fish.  It's the ocean.  I'm going to the ocean with my cousin.  We're going to see dolphins and turtles and go snorkeling.

Ms. S:  You are!!  That sounds like fun.

Schatz:  And look.  This beautiful curtain (the shower curtain swooshes across the rod to reveal all the toys, shampoo bottles, sandy bottom, and a ring of dirt) also hides a messy bathtub when you are too busy to clean.


  1. eeeevil child. My daughter once told a woman at the checkout counter "My mom's name is Jamie and she is 28 and sometimes she doesn't wear underwear" I turned to her and held out my hand to shake "Hi, bet you didn't want to know all that about me" I said. Kids are monsters lol

    1. LOL! She cracks me up, but she comes by it honestly. My mother has loads of stories about me doing the same sort of thing. Luckily for me, my mother doesn't blog!

  2. too funny! is there a way to follow by email when you post?

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! I added a gadget to the blog so that you'd be able to follow it by email.