Monday, April 22, 2013

When Good Parents Go Gross

Maura was sitting on the bed watching Roger and me flirt with each other.

Roger:  Don't touch me!  (playfully slapping my hand away)

Me: like it when I touch you.  (Putting my finger on his back defiantly.) Touching...can't be mad.  Touching...can't be mad.

Maura:  You know that you are totally gross, right?

Me: We aren't gross.  We aren't doing anything.

Maura:  I know what you are talking about doing and you are totally gross.

Me:  We aren't TALKING about anything.

Maura:  You two are so gross.  You are gross all the time.  (Hands on her hips.) You were gross ten years ago.

Me:  Well, only twice....that you can prove.

Maura (is hysterical giggles):  OH MY GOD!  YOU ARE SO NASTY!  You are both so totally gross!  MY EYES!  MY EYES!

Roger:  What do you mean your eyes?  You aren't seeing anything...shouldn't you be saying "my ears"?

Me (to Roger):  I guess they are teaching Sex Ed this week at school.

Maura (in another round of hysterical giggles):  MY EARS!  MY EARS!  OH MY GOD!  DON'T EVEN SAY THAT WORD!  MY PARENTS ARE SO GROSS! YOU ARE SO EMBARASSING!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA one time Ryder asked me when I was flirting with Scott "why are you so sexual" HA!