Monday, August 12, 2013

No Paid Sick Days

Schatz is sick today.  She is staying home from school and has camped out on the couch...

Schatz: Do I still have to make my bed this morning?

Me: No.

Schatz:  Will I still get my dollar?*

Me:  No. 

Schatz:  But that's not fair!!!

Me:  I know, but you are not a salaried employee.  You only get your dollar on days that you do your chores.  You aren't in trouble.  You just don't get paid sick days.

Schatz:  I don't like that! That's NOT fair.

Me: A great many things in life are not fair.  Sorry, kiddo.

*At the beginning of the week, I put seven dollars on the kids' dresser.  If they do their chores they get to keep their dollar.  On mornings that they do not clean their room, make their bed, and pick up after themselves before school I take a dollar.

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