Thursday, August 8, 2013

Santa's Workshop

The girls have been lobbying hard for us to buy them iPods and iTouches.  We told them that if they saved up their money and paid for half, we would get them iTouches for Christmas.  Honestly...I think the chances are about fifty/fifty that the money gets saved, but it sounds like a fair deal.  This is Schatz's strategy:

Schatz: Mom, can we write Santa a letter?

Me: What are you going to tell Santa?

Schatz: I'm going to ask him to bring me an iPad for Christmas.

Me: Sweetie, iPads are very expensive.  An iPad is roughly $700 dollars. I don't think you are getting one for Christmas.

Schatz:  No, Mommy, It won't cost us anything.  It will be free. Santa's elves will make it for me.

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