Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sick, But With Some Flair

I had to pick Schatz up from school this morning.  She's been fighting a bug for about 10 days now.  When I got to the school, she was curled up in the chair in the front office.  (There was another sick kid on the nurse's bed.)

Me (touching her forehead):  How are you feeling?

Schatz:  I feel yucky...like someone is stabbing my heart.

Me:  Really?  You feel like someone is STABBING your heart?  Is it a sharp pain or a dull pain.

Schatz: It really hurts.

Me:  You feel hot.  Stabbing pain?  If you are having chest pains we need to go to the emergency room.  That's a symptom of a heart attack. That's pretty serious.

Schatz:  Well.  It hurts, but maybe it's not in my heart.  It's more like my belly.  I think I have appendicitis.

Me:  Appendicitis?!?  That's not good. Do you feel yucky like you did yesterday?

Schatz:  Yes, like yesterday.

Me: Okay.  I'll take you home for a rest and give you a little Tylenol.  If you are still hurting in about an hour we'll call the clinic.

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