Saturday, November 23, 2013

More Musings from the Back Seat

This conversation happened last week.  I've only just gotten around to posting it.

JJ: I don't believe in God.

Me: Okay.

Schatz (scandalized): What!?! How can you not believe in God?

JJ:  I believe in science instead.

Schatz: Oh, yeah?  Well, I don't believe in science!  So there.

JJ:  Come ON!  How can you not believe in science?  That doesn't even make SENSE.

Schatz: God loves you.  And he's nice.  And I DON'T believe in science.  I'm going to believe in God and nothing else. 

This heated discussion went on for two or three more blocks until:

Me:  JJ?

JJ: Yes.

Me:  I don't think she knows exactly what science means.  She's just picking a fight with you.  It's okay if you both believe different things. It'll be okay.

JJ: Oh.  Okay.

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