Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Musings from the Back Seat During Carpool

Schatz:  Have you ever been to America?

JJ: Of course!  EVERYBODY knows I've been to America.  I was born in San Antonio.

Schatz:  Where was I born, Mom?

Me: San Angelo.

Schatz: I was born in San Angelo.

JJ: Haven't you ever heard of the Evolutionary War?

Schatz: No.

JJ:  It's the war we fought so that we could have George Washington as our president.

Schatz:  Nuh uh!!  Our president isn't George Washington.  Our president is named something Obama.  MOM!  Tell JJ that George Washington isn't our president.

Me (turning into the roundabout):  George Washington was our first president, but President Obama is our president right now.

JJ:  See!?!

Schatz (at the same time): I told you! 

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