Friday, November 8, 2013

Roger Learns to Tell Time

Maura was at the school disco.  We were at home watching Man of Steel when....

Roger:  We can only watch Superman for thirty minutes then we need to turn it off to go get Maura.

Schatz: What time is the disco finished?

Roger:  Nine o'clock.

Schatz:  And what time is it now?

Roger:  It's eight twenty.

Schatz:  No.  I mean, what TIME is it?

Roger: It's twenty minutes after eight.

Schatz (getting upset):  NO-O-O!  I am asking WHAT TIME IS IT?

Roger:  I don't understand the question, honey. It's eight twenty.

Me (translating):  She's asking what the big hand is on.

Roger: The big hand is on the four.  We have to leave to go get Maura when the big hand is on the ten.

Schatz (obviously relieved):  Thank you!  That's all I was asking.

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  1. Wonderful - we've all gone through something similar, Roger! Parents can be so slow at times (no pun intended).