Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Greatest Job Ever!!!

I recently took a (part time) job at the airport. I was trying to explain to the kids what I will be doing at work. The airport is small so some of my duties are on the Tarmac.

Me: I'm the lady at the counter who checks you in when you are going on a big trip. I might also be the lady who looks at your ticket and lets you board the plane. Some days I will get to help direct passengers to the terminal or to the plane.  

Schatz: Anything else?

Me: Maybe if I do a REALLY good job they will let me drive the little car that pulls the luggage. That would be cool!

Schatz (clearly excited about my prospects):  That would be so cool! Do you know the only thing that would be cooler?

Me: ...if they let me fly the plane?

Schatz (wrinkling her nose):   No. Not that. The only thing cooler would be if they let you be the lady with the SNACKS!  [the flight attendant]

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  1. I suppose it's better than messing with the fuel hose...