Monday, September 8, 2014

No Such Thing as a Strawberry Tree

Maura and Schatz were in the kitchen cutting up strawberries for breakfast.

Schatz:  Did you know strawberries grow on trees?

Maura:  No, they don't. 

Schatz:  Yes.  Miss Pollitt was telling us about strawberry trees at school yesterday.

Maura (calling to me):  MOM! Do strawberries grow on trees?

Me (walking into the kitchen): No, strawberries grow on plants that are about this high.  (indicating a height roughly above my ankle.) Do you want me to show you a strawberry plant?

Schatz:  Yes.

I googled a strawberry plant.

Schatz:  Well, of course!  You put in plant. See?  (pointing to the search bar)
Me: Okay.  I'll put strawberry tree.  (knowing full well there is no such thing...and then all these images came up)

Me:  Hey! Look at that!  There is a such thing as a strawberry tree.  I never knew that!
So we had a short science lesson about the differences between strawberry plants and strawberry trees and the different berries produced.

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