Saturday, October 9, 2010

Presents for Cousins

We are planning a trip home to see our family. So we are buying my neice and nephews little presents to help break the ice. Schatz REALLY likes the present we bought her youngest cousin.

Schatz: Will you open this? I wanna play with it.

Me: No, sweetie. That's a present for your cousin.

Schatz: He said yes, Mommy. (This is a present for a girl cousin)

Me: She didn't say yes, Schatz. She's not here.

Schatz: I called her.

Me: No, Schatz. That's a present for your cousin.

Schatz frowned, but let it go. She insisted on carrying the present around the store. When we got home...

Schatz (handing me the phone): I need to call my cousin, Mommy.

Me: It's awfully late to be calling your cousin.

Schatz: I have to ask her, Mommy. She say yes.

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