Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tattling on the Boys

We went letterboxing today. Schatz found an amazing "octopus" tree (it looked like an upside down octopus) that was amazing for climbing. There were three other little boy playing in the tree, too. They were playing pirates and Schatz was playing "Mad Queen". I was keeping one eye on the kids, but was mostly just enjoying the Indian Summer day when I caught wind of a conversation...

Schatz: You can't say that word. That's a bad word. I'm a tell Mommy.

Me (to Schatz): The boys said a bad word? (The boys were about four.) Are you sure? What did the boys say?

Schatz: Shit.

Boys' Dad (to me): He said he was on a pirate ship.

Scahtz: That's what I said.

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