Friday, May 13, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

Tail end of a conversation about a vacation we're taking in a few weeks:

Mom: So we'll drop off Lucy the night before. That way we can get an early start in the morning.

Schatz: Wait! Are you selling my dog?

Dad: We're not selling your dog, Schatz. Lucy is going to hang out with Miss Laura while we're on vacation.

Schatz: Is a vacation where they put your stuff in boxes and you live a new house?

Mom: No, that is a move. We're going on vacation to Grandma's house and to the ocean.

Schatz: Tomorrow?

Dad: No, in a few weeks.

Later that night after both girls had been tucked in...

Dad (from Schatz's room): Jamie, you'd better come have a look.

I came upstairs to find that she'd snuck out of bed and packed her bags.

Mom: But we're not going to Grandma's house for a few weeks.

Schatz: I can't wait that long.

Notice the red Ikea laundry hamper on the far contains a turtle, stuffed Orca whale, her pillow pet, and every water dwelling animal the girls own. The bag in the middle contains a few sundresses, a pair of pants, and every pair of clean underwear that she owns.

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