Monday, June 25, 2012

Pool Party

We had a fun time at Mea's birthday party yesterday.  Ponies, swimming in the pool, playing on the swings...when Kaitlyn fell off the swing and needed a cuddle.

Me (holding and rocking her):  It's okay.  You are okay.

Kaitlyn (crying): But I can't breathe!

Me:  You can't breathe?  Did you fall on your back?  Or did you fall on your tummy?

Kaitlyn:  I fell on my head, but I couldn't breathe...

Me: You are having trouble breathing now?  Or you had trouble catching your breath when you fell?

Kaitlyn (still crying, but getting frustrated with me):  NO!  I couldn't breathe when I got my face in the water! 

Me  (thinking: in the pool...15 minutes ago!):  You couldn't breathe in the water. (rocking her again) It'll be okay.  You are okay.

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