Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bad Words and the School Bus

To put the conversation into context.  Maura is currently going to a Protestant Private School.  I know I know, yes, we're Catholic, but the Catholic school in town has a reputation for being rough. 

While walking home from the bus stop...

Maura:  You know, Mom, for a school that's all about God, the students sure say a lot of bad words.

Me:  Yeah?  I think you are going to find that people still do bad things even when they believe in God.

Maura:  The older girls on the bus were saying LOTS of bad words.

Me (dryly): So you are learning a load of new bad words, huh?

Maura:  No.  They aren't new ones.  Just the same old ones...the B word...the S words.

Me:  The S words?  I can only think of one S word.

Maura:  Oh, no, there are three of them,  you know? Ummmm. The opposite of the nice way to say "be quiet".

Me:  Okay.  I  know that one.

Maura:  The dog poop one.

Me: Okay, that's two.

Maura:  And not being very smart?

Me: Okay so I know all three of those.  I hope you know, you don't have to talk like that...even if your friends are.

Maura:  I know. 

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