Friday, September 14, 2012

FREE On The Side of The Road: One Thorny Devil

We were walking to the butcher to pick out something for dinner.  We passed a house where an Australian man was cleaning out a recently vacated house.  He was piling stuff beside the road with a big "FREE" sign.

Me: Should we take those (plastic lawn) chairs home?

Schatz (solemnly): No, Mommy. That's stealing.

Me: It's not stealing.  He's giving them away.

While I was showing Schatz the sign, the Aussie brought out another load of stuff.

Schatz:  Excuse me, sir.  Who do we pay for these chairs?

The Aussie:  You don't need to pay, Luv.  It's all free.

Schatz: Is that okay if we bring these chairs to my house for my Papa?

The Aussie: Take whatever you like.

We went to pile up the chairs where Schatz found a huge framed photograph of a Thorny Devil. It's a lizard that is indigenous to Australia.  It became Schatz's favorite animal about a month ago after reading a book a girlfriend gave the girls when we left Colorado.

Schatz (shocked): MOM!  Is he giving THIS away, too!?!

Me: Yes, do you think we need that, too?

Schatz (softly) Oh, yes, Mom.  I need this.

Me: Okay.  We'll take it home and clean it up.  Maybe Dad will hang it on your wall.

Schatz: How can he be JUST GIVING THIS AWAY?  Is he CRAZY!?! 

Me:  I don't think so.

We walked home with our stuff.  Every once in awhile Schatz would comment on her luck.

Schatz (referring to the thorny devil): Oh, mom.  She's beautiful!  We are so LUCKY!!

                                                      a block later

Schatz (spontaneously giggling):  I just can't even believe it!!  This is so AWESOME!

                                                     arriving home

Schatz:  He was just going to throw away this TREASURE!!

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