Sunday, September 2, 2012

Schatz's Self Control (or "Ship" Round Three)

We were having lunch at the Gillen Club yesterday.  The kids were playing on the playground while the adults were visiting.   The television over here isn't censored at all. I've been told that, as a result, the kids here swear like sailors. While we were leaving I overheard this conversation with her dad...

Schatz:  I was fighting with a boy while we were playing, Daddy.  He was saying lots of bad words, but I didn't say any of them back.

Dad: I'm so glad you didn't say any bad words.

Schatz (walking ahead of her dad):  He was even saying "shit" but I didn't.  I didn't even say "ship" either...and I could have, Daddy.  You wouldn't have heard me, but I didn't even say "ship".


  1. lol, I love how she reacts to what goes on around her!

    1. The first day I picked her up from preschool she very proudly announced, "And I didn't even have to go to the principal's office, Mommy." She is very self aware!