Monday, May 6, 2013

Fun with Slang

Sitting at the table doing homework:

Maura:  Mom?

Me: Yeah.

Maura:  Could you run to the store and buy me some rubbers?  I don't want to keep asking Allie if I can borrow hers.  It's embarrassing.

...long pregnant pause as I collect myself...when in doubt, ask open ended questions...

Me:  Maura?

Maura:  Yeah.

Me:  Why do you need a rubber?

Maura (distracted by her math):  Because the one on my pencil always breaks off.  I like these much better. (She holds up a large pink eraser.) This one's Allie's, but I need to give it back tomorrow.

Me (crisis averted): Yes, we'd better go do that now so you're all set for tomorrow.

NOTE:  In Australia, "rubber" is slang for an eraser not a condom.

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