Friday, May 24, 2013


It was Sports Day at school.  Maura was running and fell at the foot of a huge boulder.  The boy running behind her couldn't stop.  He stepped on her arm and vaulted himself up onto the boulder...or at least that's the best sense I can make out of the story.  At first she just said her arm hurt a little...but within an hour she was hurting pretty badly and had difficulty moving her arm.  Two hours out, the sling, ice, and Ibuprofen were doing nothing to help so we ended up in the ER to rule out a fracture.  The Triage Nurse dosed her up with an Aussie painkiller called Painstop (which is essentially Tylenol with codeine).

Me: Ah!  You are getting the good stuff!

Maura:  What's in the good stuff?

Me:  They are giving you codeine.  You'll feel better really soon.

Maura didn't say anything to that, but she looked skeptical. About an hour later, we were sitting outside of X-ray waiting for a room to open up:

Maura:  Mom?  I think this is a false alarm. I think I've wasted your whole night.

Me: Why do you think you wasted my whole night?

Maura: It doesn't hurt anymore.  I don't think any thing's broken and we've wasted the whole night at the hospital.

Me (leaning over and kissing her forehead): No, Maura. You aren't wasting my night, but I think your codeine just kicked in.

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