Sunday, March 6, 2011

Asking for Will's iPhone

Will and Anita have two dogs and a cat...which makes them practically superstars in Schatz's opinion. Bob has two cats and a two kids very close to Schatz's age, but no iphone to show Schatz pictures, so he missed out on some powerful preschool status....ah, the power of marketing.

Schatz called Will's iPhone his Chica-wah-wah because Will showed her pictures of Daisy the Chihuahua on the iphone...

Whenever she asked to see the phone:

Schatz: Bob?

Bob: Yes, Schatz.

Schatz: No,the other Bob.

Will: Yes, Schatz.

Schatz: Can I see your Chica-wah-wah? I need to play my game.

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