Friday, August 19, 2011

Bad Parenting: Exhibit A

This happened last winter, but for some reason I keep thinking about it today...

I was shopping with my Mom and Schatz in an open air mall where all the shops are on two or three blocks. Schatz had brought a Liv fashion doll to play with while I found a nice dress.

(Don't be ashamed. Google it. I'll still be here when you get back.)

At some point, I realized that the Liv Doll was gone, which was a problem because it's Maura's doll, not Kaitlyn's. The last place I remember seeing it was the Clear Water Creek department we go back to see if they have it.

Me: In the last hour have you by chance found a naked Liv Fashion Doll?

Sales Lady: What kind of doll?

Me: It's a Liv doll. Like a naked Barbie, but bald.

Sales Lady: Bald?

Me: I wouldn't let her bring the wig. I was afraid she'd lose it.

Sales Lady chuggles a little. Looks in the Lost and Found, but doesn't find it. We look around the store, in the clothes racks, in the dressing room.

Sales Lady: Well, I sure Maura will understand if you tell her it was an accident.

Me (without even thinking): Oh, I'm not telling her. Are you crazy? I'm going to say: "Maura, I can possibly be expected to keep track of your things. Go look in a toy box."

Oh, yes, this is not one of my finer moments.

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