Friday, August 12, 2011

A Whale of a Tale

As heard while eavesdropping on a telephone conversation between Schatz and her daddy his morning...

Schatz: Daddy? Daddy. While Maura was getting her bike for school there was a spider in the garage. A huge, EVIL spider, Daddy. It was going to bite us with it's fangs. And Mommy wouldn't let us back in the house. But then she let us in the house. And she killed it with your shoe, Daddy.


Schatz: No, it was EVIL I tell you. And hairy.

What actually happened....

Girls saw a spider (about an inch long counting the leg span) in the corner of the garage. Kids were fascinated. Mom got the ebbie-sceebies and killed it with a shoe. I'm a little concerned about the part where she told her dad that I wouldn't let her back in the house...hmmmm.

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