Thursday, October 18, 2012

An NCO and a Gentleman

The girls have taken a liking to Steffanie.  They like to say hi to her whenever we see her.  They ask to go to the Butcher Shop just to say hi.  Yesterday, Steffanie was getting off work as Roger and the girls were walking into the shop next door.  After some chitchat, everyone was on their way...

Maura:  Dad. That was rude.

Roger: What?

Maura:  You should have asked her if she needed a ride home.

Roger: She doesn't need a ride home.

Maura: It's really hot.  Mom would have asked if she wanted a ride home.

Roger:  She has her scooter.

Maura: How do you know?

Roger:  I'm pretty sure she rides her scooter to work everyday, guys. She's not walking.

Maura: Well, a gentleman would have asked!!

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