Monday, October 15, 2012

Kaitlyn 2.0

Schatz's preschool has a swimming pool that is just a few feet deep.  Tuesdays are swimming day which led do this conversation at pick up today...

Schatz: Can you find my goggles?  I want to bring my goggles tomorrow.

Me:  Yes, I'll write your name on your goggles tonight.

Schatz:  That's not going to work.

Me:  Yes, it will. If you lose your goggles tomorrow someone will find them and give them back.

Schatz (in a cautious tone):  What if we get a new Kaitlyn tomorrow? Not a "C" Caitlyn...a"K" Kaitlyn?

Me: I'll write your last name, too.

Schatz:  What if we get a "K" Kaitlyn who is also called Kaitlyn D----?

Me: I think we can risk it.

Schatz (mischievously):  What if you bring home the new Kaitlyn D--- instead of me?  By accident!

Me:  I'll bring her back to school and wait for you.  I promise.

Schatz: I would cry and cry, Mommy.  You better not forget what I look like.

Me: I promise!

Schatz (laughing):  What if she has the same clothes as me?

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