Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sesame Street Fun

Neither of my children were ever really PBS fans.  Perhaps it is the combination of preschool and nothing "flashier" on the television that has led to Schatz's new interest in Muppets and Sesame Street.  She was watching Sesame Street when this conversation unfolded...

Schatz(solemnly): Oh! Mom.  You can't watch this.

Mom (playing along):  Oh, I'm watching this.

Schatz:  Oh, Mommy, you better not! This is rated PG-13Five.

Mom:  PG-13Five?  What does that mean?

Schatz: That means you can't watch this without permission unless you are 5 or under.  It's not appropriate for you

Mom(getting up to leave the room):  Okay.  I'll just go to my room while you watch this PG-13Five movie.

Schatz (laughing at her joke):  Just kidding, Mommy. You can watch it. I was just pulling off your leg.

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