Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who has more authority? Not Mommy!

Remember those shoes we bought at Goodwill?  Schatz's been lobbying hard to wear them to preschool.  The other morning we were running late and I was losing the battle.

Me: You cannot wear those shoes to preschool.  They are not appropriate.

Scahtz: They are so appropriate. All the girls are wearing them.

Me: Please go put on real shoes.

There was much fighting, crying, and temper tantrum throwing, but she would not take off the shoes. Two minutes before we were walking out the door I had to admit defeat.

Me: Fine.  Put another pair of shoes in your backpack.  We'll ask your teacher.  If she says yes, you can wear those shoes to school.

Schatz: Deal.

We drove to school and Schatz found Mrs. Pearson.

Schatz: Are these shoes appropriate?

Me: I told her that you had final say.  If they are not appropriate, we brought another pair.

Mrs. Pearson put her hands on her knees and leaned down...

Mrs. Pearson: No, Darling, you may not wear those shoes. They are not at all appropriate and you will twist your ankle running.

Schatz (taking off the shoes with no fuss): Awe, Bummer.

end of story

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