Friday, November 23, 2012

Teenage Boys at the Pool

We were swimming at the pool yesterday and ran into some boys who are at the age where they have decided to challenge authority.  They were getting in the middle of swimming classes, playing rough, ignoring the (teenage) lifeguards and just being pains in the butts.  They were also eating lolly pops while fooling around in the pool.

Me: Hey, guys.  No food in the pool. 

Snarky Teenage Boy: Says who?

Me:  It's the pool rule. It's not my rule. No food in the pool.

Snarky Teenage Boy:  Well, lollies aren't food.  So there.

Me (lying through my teeth): Alright then, but my kid just peed in the pool and now it's all over your lolly.  Cheers.

It was amusing to me how quickly the lollies found their way to the trashcan.