Monday, July 30, 2012

Bedtime Routine

We had endured a particularly difficult evening of getting child #2 to bed.  Schatz had alternated between crying and asking for one last drink of water, trip to the bathroom, hug, or kiss good night.  She had yelled things like, "Please come talk to me!!  Why won't you talk to me!  Please come lay down with me.  I'M LONELY!!".  I had been laying on the hallway floor (so she would stay in her bed).  I was ignoring the shenanigans and reading my book.  She finally passed out after a 45 minute full court press and I was walking down stairs to join Roger...

Me (tongue in cheek): Well. THAT went smoothly.

Roger (a highly decorated war veteran; shaking his head in defeat): Jamie, I've seen interactions with Al-Qaeda that went more smoothly than THAT!

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