Saturday, July 7, 2012

S.A.S.S. (Sisters Against Selling Sisters)

It's been one of those days.  The girls have been picking on each other and pushing each others' buttons.  So I switched tactics.  Instead of punishing them, I started talking about how important sisters are:

Me:  You need to be nice to your sister, Schatz.  She is better than a best friend.  Your sister is always going to be important in your life.  And Maura is the only sister you are going to get.  Be nice to her.

Schatz:  Maura is not my friend.  Maura is my sister.

Me:  That's right, Maura is your sister and sisters are better than your best friend.

Schatz: And you can't sell her either.

Me: What?

Schatz:  You can't sell my sister.

At this point Maura is offended.  I'm speechless. Roger takes the lead.

Roger:  That's right.  You can't sell sisters.  Ice Cream anyone?

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