Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Deepest Betrayal

Schatz had a mild allergy to strawberries when she was little.  Recently, we reintroduced strawberries and learned that she had outgrown the allergy.  Schatz was overjoyed because it turns out that she loves, loves, LOVES fresh strawberries.  What's the problem?  Well...

Schatz: I am so MAD at you!

Me:  Why are you mad at me?

Schatz:  Maura told me what you used to do!

Me: What are you talking about?

Schatz:  I cannot BELIEVE that you would SNEAK to the store and then EAT strawberries when I was sleeping!

Me: Well, sweetie, you were allergic and couldn't eat them.  So we only ate them if you were asleep.

Schatz (indignantly stomping away):  I can't believe you would DO THAT TO ME!

Me (to Maura): Why would you tell her that?

Maura: Well, IT'S TRUE!

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