Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If at First You Don't Succeed...Wait a Few Days and Ask Again

Schatz:  Can I say "ship"?  It means a boat.

Dad (because we're on to her): It depends on how you say it.

Schatz:  Like "Oh, SHIP!"

Mom: Schatz, when you say, "oh, SHIP!" I know you really mean the bad word.

Schatz:  But it's not REALLY a bad word.  It means boat.

About an hour later...

Schatz: Daddy, Ship is not a bad word.  I can say, "SHIP!" when I'm mad.

Dad: No, you really can't.  I know you are really saying the bad word.

Schatz:  How do you know that?

Dad:  Because I know that you are really, REALLY smart....evil genius smart.  So don't say "SHIP!" anymore.

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